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Interfaith wedding

Together we will construct a ceremony that will reflect your union and the fundamental beliefs that you share. Whether a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony or an interfaith wedding ceremony which is lighter on the Jewish side, I am glad to travel the Tri-State region to perform such weddings as well as beyond. We will meet initially to gather information regarding your needs and desires as well as help you with the elements that you wish to include in your ceremony. I will share with you some suggestions and ideas towards making the wedding just right for you. During our time together, you will have an opportunity to get a sense of my style and presentation. I believe that it is extremely important to share all details with you so that you will not have any surprises. The last thing you want is to be surprised by a statement that you didn’t expect to hear as you share this time with family and friends. I will perform the entire ceremony for you as it is being created. This eliminates any anxiety on your part so you can be rest assured that your ceremony will come off just as you have planned.

I can serve as an officiant in compliance with the laws of every state in our country. I have performed weddings in other languages to include Spanish, Italian, French and Russian as well as Hebrew. When both the bride and groom feel more comfortable with clergy of their own faith sharing a meaningful role in the ceremony, I will be happy to co-officiate with any representative of the clergy whom you choose. I am glad to recommend clergy with whom I have worked or know their reputation if you need assistance in that process.



Finally, it is legal in many states for same sex couples to wed. I am always delighted to serve the LGBT community and to make this a truly memorable occasion. In states that have yet to see the light, a commitment ceremony is just as lovely.


Whenever a couple wants to renew their wedding vows and reaffirm their commitment to each other, whether it be a 5th or 55th wedding anniversary, I will be delighted to officiate.


Happy Clients

“Dear Rabbi Broden, Sheldon and I would like to thank you for making Jessica and Jarred’s wedding ceremony such a beautiful and meaningful one. Many of our guests commented on the service you preformed and told us how much they enjoyed it. We can only hope that Jessica and Jarred’s life together will be as wonderful as their wedding was. Thank you so much. ”

Lisa Kastor

“Dear Ron, Just wanted to send a note of Thanks for the details, the Italian, and the joyous sentiment of Judaism, and love that you infused into our wedding ceremony. I have been getting emails and phone calls about how incredible our Rabbi was and his song and his inclusion of Italian. Thank you for making our day so meaningful for all. Much love and joy to you and your family. God bless, Maria and Daniel Hyman ”

Maria Hyman

“Ron, Thank you so much for braving the snow and performing our wedding ceremony! Everybody had the most wonderful things to say about the ceremony. We really felt you did a terrific job at making it personal and special for us. Our families and friends really thought you did an excellent job. And we of course were very pleased as well. We will be sure to recommend you to a friend of ours in the future.” Thanks again!

Naomi Freedman

“Ron, Thanks again for everything. David came through very well, and I got a lot of compliments regarding your ceremony. I’ll get in touch with you when we figure out when we choose to have Jake’s Bar Mitzvah. Have a good summer. Ted ”

Ted Halperin

Jewish and interfaith weddings – A wedding is the most special day in a person’s life. It’s a day when two souls share a pure bond of love and togetherness and start a new chapter of life. However, interfaith weddings in Judaism can be a stressful deal in that one partner follows the faith of Judaism and the other belongs to a different religion. Their wedding should be meticulously planned and officiated in a way that reflects their beliefs, values, and respect towards their respective religion. In this guide, we will delve into every detail you need to know about Jewish and interfaith weddings.

About Jewish and Interfaith Weddings

Interfaith marriage in Judaism, also known as mixed marriage or intermarriage was strictly prohibited by Jewish Leaders in the historic period. Today, it’s still a controversial issue among them and many other believers. That’s why interfaith couples planning a Jewish wedding face a lot of hurdles. Not all rabbis will conduct interfaith wedding ceremonies.

If you or your loved ones who are of the Jewish faith are planning an interfaith wedding, then you might have numerous questions. How can we create a meaningful interfaith wedding that is respectful of Jewish tradition? How do we handle the entire wedding process and include our families?

Rabbi Ron Broden understands the emotions and concerns relating to your special occasion. Whether it’s a same-sex Jewish wedding or an interfaith wedding, he will conduct a ceremony with meticulously planned details that flawlessly meet your specific requirements. The ceremony needs to be customized in a way that preserves Jewish traditions while at the same time including language that is interfaith-friendly, creating a ceremony that it is meaningful, spiritual, and joyful.

If you want to invite us as part of your special occasion, feel free to contact us by dialing (917) 210-5807 or sending an email to

A successful Jewish and Interfaith Wedding

1. Embracing Diversities

Judaism is filled with unique traditions associated with every lifecycle event. Interfaith weddings are a splendid celebration of merging two faiths, crafting a unique bond of beliefs, values, and rituals. This union must embrace diversities to not only honor the couple’s love but also respect their respective faiths.

2. Custom and Symbolism

One of the most beautiful concepts of a Jewish interfaith wedding is the blend of rituals and traditions from the bride and groom’s background. From signing the Ketubah, the traditional Jewish Marriage Contract, to smashing the glass, the entire wedding process and ceremony holds deep significance and carries heartfelt symbolism, marking the new beginning of togetherness while honoring Jewish traditions.

Sometimes interfaith couples plan their wedding twice on different days, one that follows the wedding customs of a non-Jewish partner and the other celebrated under the Jewish wedding traditions, making the occasion a delightful representation of their shared beliefs and respect for each other’s religion.

3. Celebrate Unity

Jewish and Interfaith weddings are a beautiful way to celebrate love and unity. It builds new relationships between both families and friends, regardless of their religious history to witness and honor the couple’s commitment to each other. The occasions become an elegant reflection of vibrant diversities and the strength of love to go beyond boundaries.

Challenges of Jewish Interfaith Wedding Rabbi 

Planning an Interfaith wedding, especially when one partner follows the Jewish faith, may come with multiple challenges. The families may have different concerns and expectations regarding the religious differences between the couple. For a smooth and meaningful interfaith Jewish wedding, both families may benefit from being included in the planning.

Oftentimes interfaith couples don’t discuss openly what the wedding ceremony will consist of and that can create unnecessary confusion regarding what will actually take place the day of. That’s why before planning a Jewish interfaith wedding consider what you are comfortable with so that every arrangement will be planned accordingly showing respect and love for each other’s faith.

Furthermore, many rabbis aren’t willing to participate in interfaith weddings which is another major challenge faced by both partners and families.

Why Choose Rabbi Ron Broden of Jewish Ceremonies, for a Jewish and Interfaith Wedding

Remember that combining two faiths is a lovely, emotional, and, occasionally, challenging process, but we are here to conduct your special occasion as smoothly as possible.

Rabbi Ron Broden is well-known for conducting various Jewish ceremonies that are inspirational and create a spiritual connection with Judaism. Whether it’s a traditional Jewish wedding or an interfaith wedding ceremony, we will make your big event memorable and special. We will closely coordinate with the couple and families to understand their specific needs, desires, and other elements that they wish to include in the ceremony for a customized and interfaith-friendly wedding ceremony that reflects the couple’s beliefs, values, and respect towards their individual faiths.

While officiating interfaith Jewish weddings, we often pay attention to every detail to not offend any of the partner’s religion and customs. Some couples choose to include their families in the planning process, so everyone knows what to expect. We are also pleased to co-officiate with any representative of the clergy chosen by you. We can even recommend clergy of the non-Jewish partner’s faith to you as Ron has worked with so many over the years.

We not only weddings, but we also conduct Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, Jewish baby naming ceremonies, funerals, and unveilings.

To know more about Rabi Ron Broden’s Jewish Ceremonies, feel free to reach out to us by phone at (917) 210-5807, fill out a form, and schedule a meeting, or shoot an email to We are here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewish interfaith wedding

Question 1. How to Find a Rabbi for an Interfaith Wedding?

Answer 1. If you are looking for a rabbi for a wedding, then you can contact Rabi Ron Broden’s Jewish Ceremonies by dialing (917) 210-5807 or sending him an email to Whether it’s a traditional Jewish wedding or an interfaith wedding ceremony, we will make your big event more memorable and special.

We will closely coordinate with the couple and families to understand their specific desires and other elements that they wish to include in the ceremony, reflecting their beliefs, values, and respect towards their faith.

Question 2. What are the challenges that come with Jewish Interfaith weddings?

Answer 2. Planning a Jewish interfaith wedding may come with numerous challenges. Most rabbis will not conduct interfaith wedding ceremonies. Also, the families may have different concerns and expectations regarding the religious differences between the couple. Interfaith couples sometimes don’t discuss each other’s religious traditions beforehand and that can create a challenge.

Question 3. Why do we officiate at Jewish Interfaith Weddings?

Answer 3. We officiate interfaith weddings to embrace diversities, show our respect for the non-Jewish partner’s faith, welcome them to the Jewish community, and make them feel comfortable with a ceremony that celebrates the coming together of two faiths. We also incorporate non-Jewish traditions for the wedding if desired.

Question 4. In which locations do you mostly conduct wedding ceremonies?

Answer 4. We are often invited to perform wedding ceremonies in the Tri-state region but will not hesitate to travel to your desired location. We have conducted several wedding ceremonies in Bermuda, Aruba, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and throughout the United States.

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