Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Every Jewish child automatically becomes a Bar or Bat Mitzvah simply by reaching the age of maturity. However, many synagogues require that the child attend religious school for a minimum of years for their inclusion in a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony. For many families this is not feasible whether due to time constraints, finances or just the inability to transport a child to and from religious school. No Jewish child should be unable to have a ceremony that celebrates this important lifecycle event.

Here is what I can provide:

  • Instruction tailored to child’s abilities and interests with me or one of my excellent tutors.
  • Ideal for child with special needs (learning disabled, gifted).
  • Convenient schedules arranged for busy parents and children.
  • Accommodates child involved in sports and performing arts.
  • Afternoons or evenings – at your convenience.
  • No distractions so excellent education in shorter time.
  • Lessons are not several times per week (may be less than one/week).
  • Customized to alleviate stress for academically pressured children.
  • Convenient. No carpooling. At home.
  • Video lessons as an option for lower cost and convenience.
  • At your caterer…home…restaurant or anywhere.
  • Ceremony & reception at same site – Convenient for guests.
  • Friday night, Saturday morning or evening, Sunday too.
  • Full size authentic Torah and prayerbooks for use by all guests.
  • Aliyah Honors designed for your family.
  • Beautiful Cantorial music accompanied by guitar to enrich your ceremony.
  • Child’s recitation, in Hebrew and English, according to child’s ability.
  • Non-competitive comfort for child with special needs or shyness.
  • Explanations add meaning for Jewish and non-Jewish guests.

I will guide your child throughout the entire process and, of course, perform the service. This mission is to provide the Jewish community with a bone fide resource for life cycle ceremonies and education that otherwise would not be available. Unaffiliated families come to me often for this service I provide.

Interfaith families, raising children in Judaism, feel comfortable with my style. Explanations at ceremonies make their non-Jewish guests feel welcome and understand the ceremony.

Grandparents, you can give your grandchild the gift of learning Hebrew and about Jewish holidays, history, and heritage, and a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
playing guitar
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
playing guitar

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