Jewish And Catholic Wedding Ceremony – Merging two different traditions and faiths is a celebration of love and commitment that brings new people together. Every ceremony holds a profound significance in Judaism, from baby naming to Bat or Bar Mitzvah. The Jewish catholic wedding ceremony represents this union, reflecting the beliefs and values of the couple and their families. Here, we will unveil every aspect you need to know about Jewish and Catholic wedding ceremonies and their significance, creating a meaningful and memorable event experience.

A wedding is one of the most awaited days of one’s life. It’s a day when the dreams of the bride and groom finally come true. Not only for the couple, but it is also an emotional and joyful day for the families, seeing their children in the wedding attire and starting a new chapter of life. From traditional weddings to interfaith weddings, every aspect should be meticulously planned.

Rabbi Ron Broden is here to make your wedding day special, memorable, and spiritual.

Rabbi Ron Broden takes pride in offering spiritual services to wedding couples. From traditional Jewish weddings to Jewish-Catholic wedding ceremonies, he is delighted to add a meaningful and sacred touch to your celebration. With a rich knowledge of Judaism and Jewish rituals and years of experience, he will craft this special occasion to make it spiritual, memorable, and meaningful, reflecting your beliefs, values, and faith in your respective religion. For over 20 years he has presided over hundreds of interfaith weddings in which one partner is Jewish and the other Catholic.

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About Jewish and Catholic wedding ceremonies

The Jewish wedding ceremony is conducted with certain traditions and rituals. The ceremony included two distinct customs, the betrothal (nisuin), and the marriage completion (kiddushin). The couple enters into a covenant before God and witnesses. In Kiddushin, the bride accepts the symbolic payment and signs the ketubah. The ketubah is a Jewish Marriage contract that represents the groom’s responsibilities to his bride.

Usually, this ceremony takes place under a Chuppah (wedding canopy), where the couple exchange vows in front of families and the rabbi. The traditional Jewish wedding often includes other meaningful rituals like exchanging rings, breaking glass by the groom, Sheva Brachot ( reading of seven blessings), Hora and Menzike ( Celebratory dance), and more importantly, recitation of blessings.

In Catholic wedding ceremonies, the marriage is also considered a sacrament, a sacred union blessed by God. This ceremony also involves several rituals like the exchange of vows and rings, readings, and recitation of prayers. There is a single blessing called the Nuptial blessing that occurs after the exchange of vows in the Catholic church. In this blessing, the priest prays for the wedding couple and asks God for their long togetherness, joyful destiny, and blessings of children. Often the couple will light a Unity Candle as a symbol that they are becoming as one in marriage by taking two candles and lighting a larger center candle.

In Catholic wedding ceremonies, there is no signing of a document like a Ketubah, but the spouse may receive the advice of prenuptial agreement from the priest during the wedding planning.

Well, both these ceremonies symbolize the couple’s commitment and love for each other. By following the rituals and traditions, these ceremonies ensure that the couple’s marriage is legal and valid as per their respective faith.

The Beauty and Significance of Jewish-Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Embracing Customs

In Jewish celebrations, every custom holds a unique meaning and importance. The Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that symbolizes the couple’s commitment to each other and also includes the protection of the bride’s rights. The breaking of the glass by the groom represents that the couple will stand up for each other even in hard times and serves as a reminder of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and that the world is not yet whole.

Unity And Respect

A Jewish-Catholic wedding can be a bit stressful as it demands understanding, respect, and transparency between families, couples, and spiritual guides. Sometimes, they have to agree with some compromises, respecting their faiths and beliefs. However, these steps help to foster unity, relationships, and respect between married couples and families.

Celebrating Diversities

The harmonious blend of various customs not only reflects the couple’s love but also pays respect to their diverse background. The couple might recite the vows in both Hebrew and English, creating the opportunity to understand, dialogue, and celebrate the occasion that shows faith in their respective religion. The Jewish -catholic wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to embrace the diversities with an open heart without offending the couple’s faith.

Why Choose Rabbi Ron Broden of Jewish Ceremonies for a Jewish-Catholic Wedding Ceremony

We understand the concerns and emotions attached to the Jewish-Catholic wedding. It’s a sacred union of couples and a fusion of families from different faiths. So, it should be beautifully organized and pay homage to their respective religions, and this is where Rabbi Ron Broden comes in.

Whether it’s a baby naming ceremony or a wedding occasion, Rabbi Ron Broden is here to make your significant occasion memorable, special, and meaningful. While planning Jewish-Catholic weddings, we closely work with couples and families to ensure their comfort and strive to create a ceremony that blends their respective faiths. The couple and families can openly share their specific preferences and other elements that they wish to include in what will be a customized ceremony.

In Jewish Catholic weddings, we know that families might have concerns and expectations regarding different faiths, but we always make sure that any compromise will not make anyone uncomfortable. We also officiate weddings in Spanish, Italian, as well and Hebrew.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jewish-catholic wedding ceremony

How can I rent a rabbi for a Jewish-Catholic wedding ceremony?

If you are looking for a rabbi to officiate a Jewish-Catholic wedding ceremony, you can contact Rabbi Ron Broden by calling (917) 210-5807 or sending event details by email to or filling out our contact form. From wedding occasions to baby naming ceremonies, you can rely on us to make your event memorable and meaningful.

What are the various services offered by Rabbi Ron Broden Jewish Ceremonies?

Apart from wedding ceremonies, we also conduct Jewish baby naming ceremonies, Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs, and Funerals and unveilings.

What is the Nuptial blessing in the Catholic wedding ceremony?

In a Catholic wedding ceremony, there is a single blessing called the “Nuptial blessing” that occurs after the exchange of vows in the Catholic church. In this blessing, the priest prays for the wedding couple and asks God for a long life together with a bright destiny, and blessings of children.

Why does the groom break a glass in a traditional Jewish wedding?

Ans: The breaking of the glass by the groom signifies the commitment that the couple will stand for each other even in hard times and represents the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the subsequent exile of the Jewish people from their homeland.

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