How to Rent a Rabbi for Wedding – A wedding is one of life’s most-awaited and exquisite occasions. It’s a special event where every detail, from the flavor of the cake to the color of the wedding attire, matters a lot. When it comes to planning a wedding under Jewish rituals, hiring a rabbi to officiate is a pivotal deal. Before choosing a rabbi, you should have to look up to multiple factors. In this detailed exploration, we will guide you on How to Rent a Rabbi for a Wedding to make your day enchanting and memorable.

Brief About Rabbi…

In Judaism, a Rabbi is a spiritual leader and religious teacher who inspires the Jewish people. From naming ceremonies to wedding occasions, the presence of the Rabbi has great significance. They not only make your event meaningful, but also enhance it with prayers and blessings, and create a connection with the Jewish faith and traditions.

It’s your wedding -probably the biggest occasion of your life, so it should be special, memorable, spiritual, and filled with blessings and Rabbi Ron Broden is here to fulfill all these aspirations.

The couple’s happiness is our focus when it comes to officiating the wedding ceremony. We understand the specific requirements of the wedding couple and plan the services that flawlessly cater to their desires, beliefs, and values. Whether it is a simple wedding ceremony in the garden or an extravagant wedding at a large venue, we will work to make your special event everything you always hoped it could be.

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How to Rent a Rabbi for a Wedding – A Complete Guide

Understand your desires

Before looking for the rabbi for your wedding event, it is essential to understand your needs for the ceremony. You should consider how religious a wedding ceremony you want or any other specific requirements if you have one. Consider the special readings or prayers that you wish to include. There are the traditional seven wedding blessings done in Hebrew, but another option is simply to recite the one-line blessing over the wine. Other Jewish traditions may be included or modified too.


Most couples, not surprisingly, first go to the internet to find an ordained rabbi. In the past, it was shunned for rabbis to advertise their availability to take part in wedding ceremonies, but that is no longer the case. Many rabbis whether serving congregations or organizations or working as freelance clergy can be found online. Some organizations provide referral services as well and can accommodate very specific requests such as whether the ceremony will be solely officiated by the rabbi or co-officiated with clergy from another faith. Moreover, they can also guide you to choose a right rabbi that matches your needs.

Contact and Discuss

The best guide to choosing a rabbi is to personally meet with him/her and know whether the rabbi is the right choice for your wedding or not. Also, it’s a suitable way to let the rabbi know about your unique requirements for a customized wedding. You can discuss their availability, experience, and other services for the wedding ceremonies. If you have lost a member of your family or someone close before your wedding there are ways to honor those who have passed on with a special prayer and remembrance.

Significant ceremony details

Whether you are going to attend a personal meeting with a Rabbi or contact them via phone call, feel free to ask whatever questions pop up in your mind on religion, traditions, practices, as well as fees. Discuss the date, time, and location of the wedding ceremony and confirm the availability of the rabbi.


Experience is also critical to renting the right rabbi for wedding occasions. A well-experienced rabbi will help to plan and conduct the wedding smoothly, reflecting your beliefs, values, and faith in Judaism as well as your love for one another. Having someone who has been a part of many such sacred occasions can make all the difference in the world.

Finalizing the preparations

During the days up to your wedding and on the final day, confirm the necessary information with the rabbi including arrival time, and attire requirements. If your Rabbi is not local, it is important to confirm if there is a requirement for transportation and special arrangements, ensuring everything runs smoothly on your special day.

Why Choose Rabbi Ron Broden’s Jewish Ceremonies for Wedding Ceremonies

Rabbi Ron Broden is delighted to participate in your most special event. It is a day that brings joy and love for both families as well as building new relationships. For the bride and groom, it’s a day when their dream will finally come true.

Together we will craft the entire wedding ceremony so it is as spiritual and as wonderful as possible while wishing for the couple a long-lasting love and togetherness.

From interfaith to same-sex wedding ceremonies, you can rely on us to officiate your wedding as you wish for it to be. We will work closely with the couple to get to know them and their preferences, allowing them to include special readings or sections for a customized wedding ceremony.

If the couple wants to renew their wedding vows and reaffirm their commitment to each other, whether it’s 5th or silver or diamond anniversary, we would be honored to be a part of such occasions as well.

Not only weddings, but we also conduct Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, Jewish baby naming ceremonies, funerals, and unveilings.

To know more about Rabi Ron Broden, feel free to reach out to us by phone at (917) 210-5807, fill out a form, and schedule a meeting, or shoot an email to We are here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Rent a Rabbi for Wedding

Who can officiate a Ketubah signing?

The bridal couple, Rabbi, witnesses, and a few close family members or friends gather in a room to sign and officiate the Ketubah, a Jewish Marriage Contract.

How to Rent a Rabbi for an Interfaith Wedding?

If you are looking for a rabbi for a wedding, then you can contact Rabbi Ron Broden by calling (917) 210-5807 or sending an email to From Interfaith weddings to Same-Sex wedding ceremonies, you can rely on us to officiate your wedding and start this new chapter of life.

In which locations do you mostly conduct wedding ceremonies?

We are often invited to perform wedding ceremonies in the Tri-state region but will not hesitate to travel to your desired location. We have conducted several wedding ceremonies in Bermuda, Aruba, Mexico, Mustique, Italy, Croatia, and other places worldwide.

How much does a rabbi cost to officiate a wedding?

To officiate your wedding, the estimated cost of a rabbi generally starts at around $850 but can be higher depending on the officiant. Also, travel time and cost can be a consideration. Our fees tend to be lower than most.

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