Hebrew Baby Names for Girls—A person’s name speaks volumes about their personality and expresses their unique individuality. In Judaism, a special baby naming ceremony is organized to announce the child’s Hebrew name by following centuries-old rituals. Whether you are looking for suggestions for Hebrew Baby Names for Girls or the meaning behind some popular Hebrew names for girls, you are on the right page.

Explore the Difference Between Hebrew Name and Jewish Name

Hebrew and Jewish names are often given to Jewish people and used interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference between them. The Hebrew name originated from the Hebrew language and Jewish tradition and symbolized deep meaning. On the other hand, Jewish names can include Hebrew names and names from different cultures and linguistic backgrounds that Jewish individuals have embraced. Furthermore, Jewish individuals use Jewish names regardless of their linguistic background.

For instance, David is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, which means “Beloved”. It is also a Jewish name because Jews commonly use it worldwide.

Significance of Hebrew Name

Whether a boy or girl, the Hebrew name plays a significant role in the life of every Jewish individual. It is the sacred name used by Jewish people, different from an individual’s secular name for everyday use. A Hebrew name may come in various forms and have a unique meaning.

Their Hebrew name will be used when the child grows up and starts to lead or participate in synagogue services or another religious ceremony. It will also be used during milestone events like weddings, engagements, bar or bat mitzvahs, and funerals.

Hebrew Baby Names for Girls

Hebrew is one of the oldest spiritual languages in the world, connecting Jewish individuals with their faith. Giving your child a Hebrew name is the first way to create an everlasting connection between them and the Jewish faith.

If you have a newly born girl, Mazel tov! Finally, God has showered his blessings and given you a priceless gift: a Daughter. Below, we have curated a list of truly special Hebrew Baby Names for Girls with meanings that connect them with their Jewish heritage.

Hebrew Girl Name  Meaning in Hebrew
Adara  Noble 
Aliza Joyful
Ariel Lion of God
Dalia  Hanging branch, also a Spanish and Arabic form of the floral “Dahlia”.
Devorah Derived from Deborah, the sweet meaning of “bee’. Deborah was the leader of the Israelites 
Hannah Derived from Channah, which means “Favor” or grace.
Lior The trendy name means ‘Light for me” or sometimes “winner”.
Talia Also, spelled as “Tali” or “Tal” which means ‘dew from God”.
Yonah A popular unisex Hebrew name that means “Dove”.
Ziv Another unisex name which means “brightness” or “radiance”.
Seraphina One of the most lovely names which means “ardent; fiery”
Sadie Princess 
Elizabeth  One of the most famous names which means “Pleged to God”’
Maya It can also spelled as “Maia” which means water.
Isabella The name has the origin of Spanish & Italian variation of Elizabeth, Hebrew, which also means “Pledge to God”’.
Ayela  The name has both Hebrew and Turkish origin which means “ oak tree, or halo, moonlight”.
Eva Derived from the Latin form of Eve, Hebrew stands for “Life”.
Naomi Means “Pleasantness” in Hebrew. The name also has separate Japanese origins and is given to both boys and girls.
Delilah The name has both Hebrew and Arabic origins. Meaning: “delicate”
Eliana The name has Hebrew origin which means “my God has answered).
Eden One of the attractive names with Hebrew origin which means “Place of pleasure, paradise”.
Aria  A multi-cultural name of Hebrew and Italian origin, meaning “air, melody, tune or God’s lion”.
Ahava Means “Love” in Hebrew language.
Abigail One of the most renowned names, which means “ my father is joyful”.
Zara The name has both Hebrew and Arabic origins meaning “blooming flower; princess, radiance, God remembers”.
Aviva Spring
Batsheva Meaning: “Daughter of seven, daughter of oath, or daughter of satisfaction”. Sheva, Shevie, Basyah, etc. are also variations of Batsheva
Batya  “Daughter of God” is the meaning of this name with Hebrew origin. Bityah, Basya, Basye, Basel, etc, are its’ other variations 
Bina Means “Understanding”. Binie and Bini both are variations.
Bluma The name is rooted in the Yiddish language and stands for “flower’.
Briena  The feminine brown colour is its meaning. The names Breine, Breindel, Breindil, etc. also derived from Briena
Chaya Means “Life” or “Living”.
Dina Means “ Judicious”. Dinie is also the variation of Dina.
Ditza Means “Cheer”. Also, spelled as “Deetza”.
Drozha Means “ My dear little one”. Drozhe, Drozna, Dreiza, Dreize, Dreizel, etc. are its variations.
Atara  Means “Crown”.
Bat-Tziyon “Daughter of Zion,” or “daughter of excellence. Also spelled as “ Bat-Tzion, Bat-zion”.
Bayle One of the rare Hebrew names for girls which means “White”.
Gili Unique Hebrew name which means “my joy”.
Orna A feminine version of the Hebrew name oren, meaning “pine tree”.
Shalev Unisex Hebrew name which means “ calm”.
Yakira Beloved or precious
Amira Treetop
Keshet Rainbow
Reina  Clean and pure 
Yasmine  Jasmine 
Golda  One of the vintage Hebrew names which mean “Gold”.
Raisa Rose

Winding Up!

So that was a wrap of the Hebrew Baby Names for Girls. The Hebrew name holds a deep religious significance in the lives of Jewish individuals. Hebrew names are used for religious services, transition events, and even funerals. We have discussed some of the beautiful Hebrew names for baby girls that have unique meanings.

Furthermore, if you need some extra guidance to give a Hebrew name to your little princess, then Rabbi Ronald Broden is here for you. Contact us to create an inclusive and meaningful Hebrew baby naming ceremony. From selecting a Hebrew name to its announcement, we will guide you throughout the process and bestow your daughter with her Hebrew name.

People May Also Ask For Hebrew Baby Names for Girls

Q1: Do you provide services for Hebrew baby naming ceremonies?

Ans: Yes, we offer meticulously planned and customized Hebrew baby naming ceremonies for newborn boys and girls. Call (917) 210-5807, fill out a form, or email rabbironbroden@gmail.com to schedule a meeting.

Q2: Which Hebrew name for a girl means Princess?

Ans: In Hebrew, the name “Zara” means princess. It is one of the exquisite names with Hebrew and Arabic origins, and it also means “blooming flower; radiance and God remembers.”

Q3: When should I conduct my girl baby naming ceremony?

Ans: Traditionally, the baby naming ceremony for girls takes place on the 10th, 11th, 12th, or 16th day or a few weeks after the girl’s birth. People nowadays often hold the naming ceremony on their child’s first birthday.

Q4: How do I choose a Hebrew name for my baby girl?

Ans: Giving a Hebrew name to your baby girl depends upon many elements. For instance, timing. If she births in the springtime, you can choose “Aviva,” which means “spring.” Choose an easily pronounced name that has meaning and matches her English name. Contact us for more valuable insights.

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