Everyone is aware of this case because it was covered at the time by numerous news and legal websites, but for those who don’t, the complete details are provided below.

Rabbi Ron Broden vs Rubinstein case’s background

A new lawsuit claims that a psychiatrist who saw the son of his friends for 20 years damaged the man’s relationship with his parents and destroyed his fortune.

At the age of 36, Rabbi Ron Broden started attending Dr. Boris Rubinstein, a child psychiatrist in Westchester County, for depression treatment. The $1 million lawsuit, filed in November in federal court in Manhattan, claims that Rubinstein and Broden’s father were friends and that the doctor and Broden’s mother had a childhood in Mexico.

According to judicial documents, Broden, 58, alleges he felt he wasn’t benefiting from the sessions but maintained them until 2019 because “he did not want to anger his family friend.”

Broden also said to that Rubinstein’s prescribed anti-anxiety medication caused him to become reliant on it.

According to court documents, Rubinstein claims that during Broden’s years of treatment, he would reveal “very personal facts” regarding the son’s care at monthly lunches with his father, who is also a psychiatrist. According to Broden, he never authorized such dissemination.

When Broden ultimately made the decision to stop receiving therapy, he expressed his views to the therapist in “strongly written emails.” The doctor then said, “I failed you, I didn’t take adequate care of you,” in a phone call. I apologize. I’m sorry,” stated the legal documents.

According to court documents, during a heated final session, Rubinstein yelled at Broden in front of his father.

When Broden started leaving the psychiatrist unfavorable online reviews, the psychiatrist went to see Broden’s parents and gave them access to some of their son’s personal correspondence. According to the lawsuit, he allegedly revealed personal information regarding Broden’s therapy.

According to court documents, he disclosed the details to persuade Broden’s parents to remove the unfavorable reviews.

Instead, according to court documents, Broden’s mother said that their already tense relationship was “totally shattered” and that her son’s inheritance would be reduced by $700,000.

“She has known her all her life. This individual is well-respected,” Broden declared. He was aware that she held him in the highest regard.

Broden claimed he complained to the state Office for Professional Medical Conduct regarding Rubinstein’s behavior. The organization refused to comment.

“The circumstances of this case highlight how crucial it is for healthcare professionals to uphold patient confidentiality and follow industry best practices. When those boundaries are exceeded, there are repercussions for everyone involved, according to Broden’s attorney Victor Feraru.

Dr. Rebecca Brendel, the president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association, stated that there is generally no absolute ban on psychiatrists treating persons they know.

The patient’s best interests and putting the patient’s interest ahead of the psychiatrist’s interest are the most crucial factors, according to Brendel.

Requests for comment from Rubinstein were not answered.

What Happened Next

Before these events, news and legal websites covered the case. There was no longer any coverage of this case after then, and there is no place online where you can locate the resolution to this case. We’ll let you know what happens next. After all the hearings and after hearing from all sides, the court renders its decision. Rabbi Ron Broden wins his lawsuit and receives a favorable ruling from the court. Currently, Rabbi Ron Broden is not participating in any legal proceedings or cases as this case has been resolved and judgment has been delivered. Don’t hesitate to consult Rabbi Ron Broden about Jewish ceremonies and functions